September 6, 2017

Welcome + Tinkergarten Trial Class

I am so excited to begin a lifestyle blog to share with all of you! Since becoming a new stay at home mama with our daughter, McKinley, I have been reading blogs written by moms all over the country and even some who are my friends! Now, WHY am I doing this? I love to find all kinds of fun activities for my daughter to participate in now that she is a tiny toddler! So some of these posts will be about her world! Others will be about mine! Some of the things I love to do include cooking, travel, reading, and Virginia wine. I will be blogging about all of these topics as well! Basically, I will be blogging about all mommy things! 

This first post is about an outting McKinley and I ventured out to yesterday at a local park. The class is called Tinkergarten and is spreading nationwide! The concept is outdoor learning through play for children 18 months through 8 years old. They have seasonal sessions you can sign up for that are 8 classes long. Our trial class was quite an experience since McKinley seems to be more and more independent and free-spirited as the days go on! I was so nervous because when we got there, she was the YOUNGEST!   We began our class by exploring our "outside classroom" which is basically the park and picking up "treasures" she found. McKinley was so--- excited to pick things up and place them in her pail including flowers, leaves, grass, sticks, and bark. Once the class started, they sang some songs, read Stone Soup, and got playing! For about 30 minutes, they "made" stone soup through  pretend play with the items they collected at the beginning of class. Now this is where it got hard for me since I am a control freak! The leader encouraged the parents to take a hands-off approach and to allow them to just explore and play on their own. I was truly AMAZED by how McKinley picked up on skills through observation and parallel play. She used a big ladle and bowl to pretend to spoon out the pretend soup with. She stayed involved for almost the entire time! When things were wrapping up with clean up she became less interested. Class ended with a snack and goodbye song. I really loved the concept of this class for her. She seemed to respond well to older explorers who modeled things for her through play. We are looking at signing her up for the fall session in Leesburg, VA because I want to encourage outdoor play and get to enjoy the fall weather! Thank you to my dear friend, Sarah, who suggested this trial class to me! Has anyone else tried out Tinkergarten? 


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