October 23, 2017

My Top 5 Toddler Items

I am not sure about y'all, but ever since McKinley was born, I have felt like I have tried out so many baby/toddler products that have come up short to my expectations. Us mamas need durable, functional, and engaging items for our little ones and there are sometimes too many options to choose from. We have had to go through trial and error to see what works for McKinley, but I have made my top 5 must-haves for our household. These are items we use pretty much every single day and I  cannot what we would do without them!

1) CamelBak Kids Water Bottle-- I have to give a shoutout to my dear friend, Ashley, for introducing this bottle to us. McKinley's water intake has drastically increased since introducing this bottle to her. It holds a lot of water and is great for on-the-go! We have tried so many bottles/cups and this is definitely our top pick for transitioning from a sippy cup! 

2) EZPZ Happy Mat-- This item is GENIUS! Whether you are still using your high chair or now onto a booster seat, this is a great substitute for a plate for your little one. It suctions to table/counter surfaces for mess-free eating. McKinley is notorious for throwing her plates and bowls off of the counter once she is done eating and this eliminates that from happening. 

3) HaloVa Diaper Bag-- Another THANKS goes out to my friend, Kerry, for this find! We had been using a JuJuBe diaper bag since McKinley was born and it was great for storage and worked well for us, until McKinley got a bit bigger and I needed the same function in backpack form. For $35.99...yes, you heard that right, this diaper bag on Amazon is AMAZING! The inside is wipable and has so many pockets. If I would have known about this bag earlier, I would have used it over any other diaper bag in a heartbeat! I love seeing that lots of other mamas have discovered this gem! 

4) California Baby Hair Detangler-- Once curls came into play, shampoo just was not cutting it for McKinley's hair. It became stringy and course. I decided to give this detangler a try and fell in love. It is free of harmful chemicals, contains botanical extracts, and is a cruelty-free product. We now pair it with the conditioner for oh-so-soft baby hair! 

5) Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit-- Now that McKinley's hands are into EVERYTHING, I needed something that would keep her busy and not create a mess. We now have these on every level of our house and one in her diaper bag. There are so many character options and sizes to pick from, and is a fantastic option for a fine motor activity.

What are some must-haves in your house? Please share! 
💗 Lauren

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