November 14, 2017

My Giftable Beauty Favorites

As many of you mamas know, we need beauty finds that are easy, reliable, and that do the trick! I could write an entire BOOK on my favorites but thought I would give you my top five, just in time for the holidays! These would be great gifts and stocking stuffers that whoever receives them will love, even if it's just a little happy for yourself! 😀

Clinique's Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream- Why do I love this scrub out of any others? This scrub is a thick, minty paste that leaves your skin feeling invigoratinly (is that a word?!) clean! I even use this scrub on my face because I just love the way it feels. The tub lasts a long time and is great for the winter season. I discovered this gem when I was pregnant and my skin was painfully dry after trying a couple of other products. Trust me, it's awesome!

Arbonne's It's a Long Story Mascara- Most of my friends and family know, I love doing my eye makeup! I have tried so many mascaras over the year because I am super picky! I want a formula that lasts all day long, goes on clump-free, and is easy to remove. Voila! This mascara cannot be beat. Added bonus: It is a vegan, plant-based product that is NOT tested on animals. 

Alterna Caviar Dry Shampoo- Maybe it is because I have thin hair, but I cannot stand the texture and residue that aerosol dry shampoos leave in my hair. Alterna's dry shampoo is aerosol-free and the little bottle lasts forever! I like to apply it to my hair and then run the blowdryer through it for a couple of seconds. It makes my hair look like new and adds an extra day in between washes. Tip: Amazon's price is almost half off what it is on other sites!

Kiehl's Hand Cream- Two years ago, I picked up one of these for my husband as a stocking stuffer. Needless to say, I steal his all of the time and keep getting it for him year after year. This hand cream does not have a greasy feel to it, but really hydrates your hands! They now have a Disney trio that are three different scents...perfect giftables! 

MAC Snow Ball Eye Compact- I'll admit it, this was an impulse buy for me a couple of weeks ago! Every year, MAC comes out with a holiday palette and this one has the perfect, sparkly neutral tones! There are two compacts to choose from, each with six colors...One is more brown-smokey and the other is more black-smokey. 

What are your favorite beauty products you would recommend as gifts this holiday season?

💗 Lauren

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